Our Mission

The 107th Psalm Christian Family is a group of believers in Jesus who live out the promise found in Psalm 68:6 “God places the solitary in families and gives the desolate a home in which to dwell.” The Holy Bible (Amplified Version): Psalm 68:6 at the Bible Gateway

Our first and foremost purpose is to come to know, love and serve God as He expresses Himself through the Lord Jesus Christ. The foremost mechanism by which we accomplish this purpose is to provide for people who are in crisis the support that in years past would have been provided by a healthy extended family, and to continue that support as long as it is in the best interest of the family member.

A characteristic that makes the 107th Psalm Christian Family differ from most healthy extended families is that so many of the members of it are in crisis at the same time. Most of the people here fall into one or more categories of people that require a lot of support. Some of those who lead happy, fruitful lives here would have otherwise been in institutions.

Everyone who lives as part of the Family is a person who wants to live as independently as she or he can. The way each person achieves this independence is by choosing the psychological independence that comes from voluntarily being on the helping end of things -- by actually helping others -- instead of by choosing the physical independence of living alone. Everyone here tries hard to make even the people who require the most care experience as much of the respect and joy of giving as they would experience if they were on staff.

We serve God by providing living quarters for:

  • Those who desire to cultivate their relationship with God in a Family-like setting

  • Those who believe that their quality of life will be better if they are living with others who are also cultivating
    their relationship with God

  • Those whose responsibilities seem overwhelming, such as single parents

  • Those who are facing extra challenges, such as the learning disabled, those with spiritual or emotional problems
    or the mentally ill

  • Those who are recovering from traumatic events, such as the abused and battered

  • Those who are experiencing difficult transitions, such as the elderly, or those adjusting to widowhood, separation
    or divorce

  • Those who are physically unable to take care of themselves

  • Those who have no other family with which to live or call home Et cetera

All house tasks are voluntary, performed by those who can take pleasure in helping in that particular way. Those who are gifted at housecleaning clean, those who are gifted at cooking cook, those who are gifted at shopping shop, those who are gifted at home maintenance and repair, repair and maintain, those who are gifted in auto mechanics repair cars… Those who are unable to help in more practical ways are treated with respect and esteemed for who they are and for the less tangible but nonetheless vitally important help that they can offer.

Each is encouraged to attend the church of her/his choice, to obtain help from professionals – pastors, doctors, therapists, educators – in areas of special need, and to develop relationships and interests outside of the house.

There are five family dinners each week. There are family discussions, prayer, Bible study … usually just for fellowship, but sometimes to resolve difficult problems. We aim at consensus. Everyone’s input is respected. Everyone has a vote.

People stay here when staying is in their best interest. People leave when leaving is in their best interest – for example, when the best next step is independent living or marriage. The close family-like relationship with that person usually continues. Members are added who become interested in living here through professional referral or communication by word of mouth.”

The 107th Psalm Christian Family, Inc. | 109 Williams Street | Groton, New York 13073